What does YOUR nature look like? Tag us in your #ThanksNature posts to let us know what you are grateful for!

Gratefulness. It’s a word we are all familiar with, but what does it mean? To us here at Nakawe, it means taking a second to look around you and being appreciative of the natural beauty that surrounds you.  Our Earth has suffered recently, being subjected to floods, earthquakes, hurricanes, fires, and we continue to take too much from ( overfishing, deforestation) and alter ( climate change, pollution) our planet. Despite our origins in the wild, humans, especially those living in big cities, have become very detached from nature and its’ gifts.

Taking a second to become aware of your natural surroundings and be thankful for being a tiny part of this bigger picture can be extremely beneficial.


For people fortunate enough to live in more remote or wild places, walking along the beach, lake or in the mountains is an easy way to disengage from life stresses and reconnect to nature. For people in cities, it might seem more difficult, but recognize that nature still surrounds you! It is just in smaller, more fragmented pieces. For example, simply walking through a park on your commute and taking the time to notice the trees, grass, bugs and squirrels. Or walking along the sidewalk and seeing little flowers or plants growing amongst the concrete. Even these small reminders demonstrate the resilience and beauty of our planet.

These positive reminders of nature in your life can help you initiate a new and profound connection to our planet, helping us develop a stronger appreciation for and desire to protect Earth.

This love and appreciation is necessary to address the many conservation issues our planet faces. So, as often as you can, take a few minutes to look around, take notice of the natural gifts in your presence and say thank you to nature.


What does YOUR nature look like?

Tag us in your #ThanksNature posts to let us know what you are grateful for!