Sharks Alive

#Sharks Alive

The dramatic decline of shark populations due to overfishing and lack of protection has propelled Nakawe, in collaboration with PRETOMA, to join the “Tiburones Vivos (“Sharks Alive”) campaign. Our goals are as follows:

a) Schedule fishing during low mahimahi (dorado fish) season in order to reduce shark bycatch and encourage sustainable tuna fishing as an alternative to current methods.

b) Encourage national government to protect Costa Rica’s endangered shark species through measures including, though not limited to, the preservation of their breeding and birthing grounds.

c) Reduce national consumption of shark meat through raising awareness – sharks are currently one of the most eaten fish in Costa Rica, however consumers are often mislead and unaware that they are eating shark meat as it is commonly sold under false names such as “bolillo” and “cazón”.

We thank you for your attention and urge you to join our campaign.

#TiburonesVivos #SharksAlive #TubarõesVivos


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