The majority of marine life has now disappeared due to overfishing, human development and pollution. This sad fact is a world wide problem.

NAKAWE  aims to shift the public’s perception from lack of awareness to interest and curiosity, and eventually understanding and respect.

Shark finning is the fishing practice of catching sharks, chop their fins and return the body to the sea, where they inevitably will die by suffocation, haemorrhage or as a easy pray for other fish as they are unable to swim.

Sharks animals grow slowly; sexual maturity takes years to and they have few offspring. These particularities contribute to the vulnerability of this group to over exploitation and unsustainable fishing, resulting in a 90 per cent decline of some shark species in recent decades. This drastic decline is perilous to the health of the oceans because these animals play an important role in maintaining the marine ecosystem.

The oceans covers 71 per cent of the surface of the Earth and are essential to the functioning of our planet.

The mass capture of sharks, illegal almost everywhere, can lead to the extinction of several species, triggering a cascading effect that can result in the reduction of oxygen in the atmosphere directly affecting all living beings including humans.

Nakawe wants to protect sharks from:

– Shark finning

– Bycatching

– Overfishing

– Unsustainable consumption.

‘’As an organization one of our projects is to protect sharks, through awareness, education and action. We aim to be an international reference regarding the protection of sharks. Working alongside legislators, cooperating with the National Parks helping them managing resources and protection plans’’


Why Sharks ?

– They are apex predators, important links in the food web

– They help to keep a healthy ocean

– Elimination of sharks can cause disastrous effects including the collapse of certain fisheries and the death of coral reefs.

– If overfishing continues by 2050 we won’t have enough fish to feed the planet.

– The fishing tax it’s 3 times more than oceans could support

– They are worth far more alive than dead.


Raise awareness and motivate people to stop consuming shark and shark fin soup. Spread the importance of sharks in our oceans. Show alternatives to the communities such as ecotourism; this way they can thrive economically in an environmental friendly manner.

We hope that these reasons inspire countries to create new protected areas. Helping National parks and World Heritage sites where there is still hope to promote the exploitation of sharks by human hands. Working in the legal field to ensure that sharks are not tortured. Improving regulations and with it get more protection.

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