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We are currently at CITES CoP18 fighting for the future of mako sharks and other sharks and rays (and their relatives) and became aware that all 11 ASEAN countries, as well as the US and Canada, are planning to vote NO to giving makos the protection they desperately need.

We are urging you to email the delegates of each country to let them know the fastest shark on earth is worth more alive and must be added to Appendix II if they have any hope of surviving extinction.

“Vote YES to save makos” 

#Vietnam – Dr. Bui Cach Tuyen,
#Thailand – Dr. Sirikul Bunpapon,
#Singapore – Dr. Lena Cha,
#Philippines – Ms. Marie Yvette Banzon-Abalos,
#Myanmar – H.E. U Aung Bwa,
#Malaysia – Ms. Zurinah Pawanteh,
#Lao PDR – Mr. Khamphanh Nanthavong,
#Indonesia – Mr Bambang Dahono Adji,
#Cambodia – Mr. Chay Samith,
#Brunei Darussalam – Mr. Haji Saidin Haji Salleh,
#Canada – Basil’s van Havre,

#Japan – Mr Tadashi Sato,

#China – Mr Zhimin Wu,

#USA – U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Division of Scientific Authority,

Please email each delegate to tell them to vote yes to adding makos to App. II. The time is now to set money, ego, and competition aside. The future of our oceans are at risk, and we must all join together in this effort to keep our oceans and it’s inhabitants alive.

We cannot wait one more day, month, or year to give #abreakformakos. Make your voice heard today!

Donwload the letter HERE:


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