Nakawe Project held its first workshop yesterday, June 14, 2017, at UDT (Tijuana University) Los Cabos, Mexico.


Photo : Rodrigo Friscione 


Led by founder, Regina Domingo, the workshop focused on shark meat consumption including issues with mercury concentration in sharks and elasmobranch extinction risks. Nakawes new campaign in Mexico, “Got Mercury,” in collaboration and Partnership with Turtle Island Restoration Network was introduced. Trailers for our upcoming documentary, “Game Over Fishing,” and the documentary that the idea for our pelagic safaris in Mexico are based on, “Mexico Pelagico” were also presented. In Mexico, shark is widely consumed but is sold under erroneous or misleading names such as “cazón” or “pan de cazón”.

Because Mexican consumers are misled in this way, most do not know that they are purchasing and consuming shark. Of the 70 students that attended the event, only one knew that “pan de cazón” refers to shark meat. Also, alarmingly, none of the students that were present were aware that shark and other types of fish are high in mercury. We hope that our outreach work in Mexico will help to spread awareness and, in doing so, reduce the consumption of shark meat in Mexico which is currently at ~23,000 tons annually. The workshop today was a stepping stone for this goal.


#WeDontEatSharkMeat #WeDontEatMercury #GameOverFishing

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