The oceans cover 71% of the surface of the Earth and are essential to the functioning of our planet.

The mass capture of sharks, produces extinction triggering a cascading effect, which results in a reduction of oxygen on earth directly affecting all living beings including humans.

Our main goal is to work towards the protection and preservation of marine resources. Shark conservation not only helps the ocean ecologically, and us economically, but also to the sake of humanity.

This first campaign seeks, throughout audiovisual material and media attention, to generate ecological awareness among the individuals and to awake the environmentally responsible spirit among citizens. Our videos and social media will help the world recognize that sharks are in worldwide trouble and need our help. We want to use the media and the arts to build a community of participation towards what we are dealing with.

We underline the importance of working together to protect endangered places. The unsustainable commercial fishing industry kills everything in its path (nets and loglines cannot tell if an animal is protected or not)

These animals grow slowly, sexual maturity occurs after many years, and have few offspring. A natural vulnerability must be added to the fact that in recent decades, some shark species have declined up to 90% due to over exploitation by unsustainable fishing. This drastic decline is very dangerous to the health of the oceans because these animals play an important role in maintaining the Earth’s ecosystem.

Sharks are truly amazing creatures, yet many species like Hammerhead Sharks are on the brink of extinction because of one expensive soup ingredient, shark fins. A tough reality now pushes us to carry on. We need to spread and show the mass slaughter of sharks for their fins and the movement to stop it.

This scarcity is now putting huge pressure on the Marine Protected Areas around the planet like Coiba National Park (Panama), Cocos Island National Park and Caño National Park (Costa Rica), and many others. These areas are designed as a sanctuaries for sharks and hundreds of other marine species, yet their peaceful waters are rushed with illegal fishing every day across Latin America and the rest of the world.

We feel that the oceans desperately need more conservation work and organizations that are not going to back down in front of the issues and we need to investigate what is going on in those places.
We need more hope and positive vibrations to keep fighting a difficult and little known issue that has massive impacts.

We can use this type of information to push for international protection that could make a huge difference for shark populations worldwide.

Every little help counts.

“Be the change you want to see in this world”


Raise awareness and motivate people to stop consuming shark and shark fin soup. Spread the importance of sharks in our oceans to maintain the ecosystem. Show an alternative to the society such as ecotourism, with which you can benefit economically without harming the environment.

We hope that this economic argument will inspire other countries to create new protected areas. Help National parks and World Heritage sites where there’s still hope to promote/prevent the exploitation of sharks by human hands. Work in the legal field to ensure that sharks are not tortured. Improve regulations and with it get more protection.



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