Nakawe Project is using VR 360 video to document life underwater, the new frontier of knowledge and learning.

We are committed to changing the delivery method of education worldwide by providing the most realistic simulations possible when it comes to underwater world experiences while providing an educational experience that will both educate and entertain students and get them more engaged with the ocean and its issues.

We aim to inspire the new generation to reach their full potential.


Nakawe is dedicated to saving sharks building awareness, education, and action. Sharks are awesome, and tend to get a lot of attention in the media. However, they are often misrepresented and misunderstood. Nakawe Project is working to change that by providing shark education and outreach to school age children as well as the general public.


Nakawe brings this important issue to children in many forms.Motivating people to stop consuming sharks and shark fin soup.

Children need to learn the real nature of sharks and the role that they play in our own species survival.We believe that it is very important that the younger generation are taught not to fear the ocean, but to respect it, to understand it and to protect it.


Educating the community and engaging children in learning opportunities connects people to one of the keystone species in our ocean’s ecosystem.

Our programs not only help protect sharks, they also provide information that helps people live harmoniously with nature.