You can help! If you require any additional information, please email us at info@nakaweproject.org.


How can I volunteer?

Office work, research, report writing and other administrative tasks, data entry and helping us with mail outs.

Outreach Events

NAKAWE attends many outreach events and exhibitions, if you’re over 18 and would like to help out it would be much appreciated. Take a look at the upcoming events in the events section and contact us. Alternatively if you’re interested in hosting your own event contact us with your ideas and we’ll send you some NAKAWE EDUCATION materials.

Helping with running stalls, community education, campaigning and petitioning.

We’re always looking for passionate, committed and talented people to help with all the everyday tasks of running an organisation like NAKAWE. If you’d like to see the inside workings of NAKAWE and want to contribute to protecting our sharks and oceans, then volunteering could be for you!

How to apply?

Online, write a paragraph outlining why you are interested in volunteering with NAKAWE and send it through to info@nakaweproject.org

Any other suggestions you may have about contributing to Nakawe would be very welcome.

Why volunteer?

Here are just a few reasons why you may like to volunteer with us:

  • Educate yourself
  • Refine your administration and office skills
  • Experience working in a not-for-profit organisation
  • Gain exposure to fundraising and supporter management
  • Meet interesting and like-minded people
  • Apply your skills helping to protect our oceans and raising awareness for our campaigns.

Who can volunteer?

Individuals over 18 years, anyone with a passion for sharks or marine conservation. Everyone talented are encouraged to apply.

From home

  • Online petitioning, letter writing and research projects, social media, connecting with people in your community.
  • Report a problem.
  • In recent decades several species of sharks and rays around have been drastically reduced in numbers in some areas.
  • The identification of these critical areas will allow NAKAWE to spread and propose conservation actions. You can help by informing us, using our site, about relevant situations.
  • We would also like if you can provide any videos or images.
  • Poaching incidents ― If you see illegal fishing report it.
  • Marine pollution ― To report an oil spill, oiled wildlife or other marine environmental emergency.
  • Tell us about your opinions, or also experiences with sharks.
  • Pictures are always welcome and we will publish your articles on our website.


Nakawe Project

Stop ilegal shark finning. If you require any additional information, please email us at info@nakaweproject.org.

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