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Volunteer with sea turtles, nesting and foraging habitats and other wildlife in Costa Rica as one of our marine conservation volunteers, and join this TORA CAREY  program in the spectacular Punta Descartes Peninsula-Bahía Salinas on the northern Pacific coast of Costa Rica.

This valuable conservation project will see you making a positive practical contribution to the protection of beautiful and charming, yet sadly threatened sea turtle species and their habitas in one of the geologically oldest and remote parts in COSTA RICA.


We are always happy to welcome motivated people who are willing to help us.

A wide array of tasks is available, so if you are interested please contact us to discuss your skills and your options within Tora Carey Project.

Community involvement and education are two of the main pillars for wildlife conservation. This is why community volunteers play a very important role inside the project, helping to reach those from the communities and educating the future generations.


Community and  volunteers are directly  involved with the field team members but also assisting on the outreach and educational programes, getting a full cultural and adventurous experience.

You will connect the field work with the rest of the community while learning pure conservation!

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For more information, please send us and email to with your resume.

When to Come?

Volunteers are needed at Tora Carey Project during all year


As a volunteer, you will be working under the direct supervision of a Tora Carey Staff, meet them in our page :


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throughout your time at the programe. Activities include:

  • Performing night surveys on the beach to find nesting turtles and help protect them from illegal extraction and predators 
  • Protection of eggs
  • Monitoring nests and baby turtles. 
  • Tagging female turtles.
  • Collecting biometric data of nesting females on the beach.
  • Releasing baby turtles into the ocean.
  • Nest excavation (exhumations)
  • Beach Clean up activities.
  • Helping with local environmental education and ecotourism projects.
  • Monitoring Sea Turtles feeding grounds, ray nursing areas, dry forest, endangered parrotsT


Please note that you will be expected to pay for your own expenses, as well as to make a small contribution towards the expenses of the NGO.


Our organization depends on the generosity of individuals to achieve its goals. If you are interested in donating to the Foundation, you can choose one of the following projects for your contribution:

  • Protecting nesting turtles on the beaches
  • Monitoring the bird biodiversity
  • Creating a marine and coastal reserve
  • Creating a Biodiversity Station
  • Satellite Tagging

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