For the past 3 years, Nakawe Project has been spanning the globe to film and document the the best evidence to show the steady decline of the worlds biggest fisheries. We have met and collaborated with so many scholars, artists, colleagues, fishermen and marine biologists & explorers like Dr. Sylvia Alice Earle from Mission Blue , Enric Sala from National Geographic , Maximilliano Bello from PEW Charitable Trust , Randal Arauz from Fins Attached, cinematographers such as Erick Higuera, Rodrigo Friscione, Fishermen, Conservationists and Ecoturism platforms such as Undersea Hunter-Cocos Island , just to name a few, to give their accounts in front and behind the fishing nets.

Now in it’s advanced production stages, we need your help more than ever to complete this exciting and eye opening documentary. HELP HERE 

Our Film Crew is made up of:

Nakawe 360 Roy Pres
Our project’s goal is to inspire people while telling stories of  characters that dedicated their life to the oceans and help it in different fields such as conservation, ecotourism, Science, research, activism and arts… and of course giving the ”microphone” to fisherman and coastal communities affected.


“Game Over Fishing” will serve as a vehicle for change, raising awareness in both local and international communities.