Over the past year, “Nakawe Project” has been dealing with Marine Conservation and Education in fishing communities, particularly in Costa Rica. Led by Roy Kimhi, Regi Domingo with Ze’ev Girsh, they started producing a documentary aimed at exposing for the first time the stories of the people behind the nets – local fishermen, who are being forced to choose between having their families starve or fish unsustainably.

The oceans are dying, and we are witnessing today a changing world.
After discussions and interviews with some of National Geographic explorers, biologists, and scientists, we collected an updated picture of the state of the oceans – and the practical solutions that can turn the scales in our favor tomorrow.

The film is currently undergoing it’s advanced production, but in order to complete it, we need your help!

In cooperation with “float”, we have created a temporary campaign lasting a week, to promote the production of the film.

Let’s give back to nature and by doing so, get your own cool shirt!

The purchase a shirt www.float.org

#HelpSaveSharks #ShirtForACause #GameOverFishing#PlayItRight #NakaweProject


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