“Awareness is crucial to change.”
Take a closer look at the impact of unregulated fishing of marine mega fauna.


Take a closer look at the impact of unregulated fishing of marine mega fauna.


Our primary objective is working towards the protection and preservation of marine resources. Shark conservation not only helps the ocean ecologically, and local communities economically through ecotourism, but it is also a treasure for humanity.

This first campaign seeks, throughout audiovisual content and media attention, to generate ecological awareness among the individuals and awaken the environmentally responsible conscience among citizens.

Our videos and social media will hopefully help the world recognize that sharks are in worldwide trouble and need our help. We want to use the media and the arts to build a community participating towards what we are dealing with.

The pressure that sharks, rays and other marine species are subject from overfishing is leading to their extinction. The unsustainable commercial fishing industry catches animals indiscriminately and in high numbers, the inability of such activities to select their target species also leads to unnecessary bycatch that deepens the problems even further. We underline the importance of working together to protect areas that are particularly sensitive.

Sharks are truly amazing creatures, yet many species like Hammerhead Sharks are on the brink of extinction because of one expensive soup ingredient, shark fins. A tough reality that impels us to carry on. We need to spread this message and show the mass slaughter of sharks for their fins and the the efforts being done to stop it.

This scarcity of resources elsewhere is now transferring a huge amount of pressure to the Marine Protected Areas around the planet like Coiba National Park (Panama) , Cocos Island National Park and Caño National Park (Costa Rica), and many others. These areas are designed as sanctuary for sharks and hundreds of other marine species, yet their waters are being targeted by illegal fishing that takes profit from these rich areas across Latin America and the rest of the world.


We expect the general public not to condone these practices that are a threat for the survival of these marine species.

We expect that they get actively involved in demanding the authorities to put in place concrete actions to stop the pressure to which there animal populations are subject to.


Through audiovisual material, create ecological awareness among individuals turning them into environmental responsible citizens.
We do also pretend to make the population conscious about the high fishing pressure that sharks and rays are suffering, besides other pelagic species, and the risk of their extinction.

We need to join forces to protect natural richness like Cocos Island National Park and so other locations with the same issues and cooperate with this unprotected Heritages Sites to provide solutions and resources.

Our Sustain
  • We feel that the oceans desperately need protection and an increased conservation efforts.
  • We need widespread support to fight against this complex issue that has massive impact.
  • We want to thank nonprofit organizations, governmental staff, judicial authorities, National Park Rangers, tourism companies, dive operators, and amazingly passionate individuals for the collaboration with this campaign.

Every little help counts.
“Be the change you want to see in this world”