• Pollutants: We can find different types of pollutants that affect our dear sharks like plastics, hydrocarbons, pesticides, DDTs, PCBs and heavy metals in the sea. Among the heavy metals, we found one which is extremely dangerous: the Mercury.


  • Mercury: Often in the form of methylmercury, the highly toxic organic mercury compound. Eating contaminated fish can cause serious health consequences.


  • Origin: Mercury reaches our seas directly through discharges of urban and industrial untreated waste (power plants, incinerators, mines), ships, tank cleaning, volcanic activity … and indirectly through leaching, transported by currents, air, rivers, etc.


  • How does it reach sharks?: Once Mercury is poured in the water, it is introduced into the food chain. Fish are ingested or absorbed by the branchiae, do not have enough metabolic capacity in the body to remove this toxic bioaccumulation. Fish in the food chain accumulate the pollutant load of their prey, and then, the prey of their prey (Biomagnification). Therefore, organisms that are at the base of the food chain (algae, plankton) have lower concentrations of Mercury, and the organism that are at the end of the chain have the highest concentration of Mercury (sharks, tuna) .


  • What happens if we eat shark, tuna or contaminated fish?: contaminants become part of our bodies, being more dangerous for pregnant women and children. This can have serious and irreversible effects. According to the EU the maximum permitted level in fish is 1 mg / kg, although recent studies (Publication of Helmut Nickel in “Shark Year Magazine”) warn that levels are much higher, reaching up to 8.61mg / kg. The EPA and FDA advise consumption, which is to eat fish that are at the end of the food chain (swordfish, shark, grouper, bluefin tuna) once a month, fish found in the intermediate chain (trout, hake)once a week and those found in the base chain (salmon,  sardines, oysters) can be eaten as much as desired(unlimited).


  • Recommendations:

– Eating shark is not recommended, especially large sizes as marrojo and sharks.

– Reducing the consumption of tuna and swordfish.


Improve your health significantly and by that you are contributing to decrease the bloody fishing for sharks.