25th November 2015, Dahab, South Sinai, Egypt

Dahab Lighthouse-Mashraba Cleaning

The event has been held at Dahab Bay. Particularly, the area from Lighthouse to Mashraba has been reserved from 10 am to 5 pm.

Once the volunteers have been gathered together and informed about how the action had to carried out, working teams have been set up and the activity started. Divers, apnea divers and common volunteers have proceeded to clean the bay. Four diving rounds have been executed, two in each area (Lighthouse and Mashraba). Once the diving rounds have finished, we have weighted and correctly classified the trash collected.

The final results have been encouraging: 450kg of trash and waste have been collected.

The human team line-up was formed by 28 divers, 4 apnea divers, 2 snorkel divers, 4 leads, 3 cameramen and some pedestrians. The performance of all the volunteers has been outstanding. In name of Nakawe and myself, we are really grateful for the effort and the dedication shown throughout the whole activity. Great job!


Additionally, we have been supported by 8 diving centers and 1 apnea center.

  • Sea Pioneer Dive Center: From the very first moment, they supported and collaborated with the project in an exemplary way, relinquishing their diving gear, tanks and their installations to everyone willing to take part on the activity.
  • Club Red Diving Center: They were really cooperative and committed to provide equipment as many divers as we wished, sending some staff as well.
  • Mirage Divers: They have shown both their aim to protect the environment and their implication into activism. They supported the idea from the very beginning and they also suggested a new project related to the control of seaweed populations that are altering the growth and the development of the coral reefs.
  • Hard Rock Dive Center: They got really interested in the action and supported it by providing some of their staff for the cleaning.
  • Red Sea Relax Dive Resort: They provided diving equipment to 2 of the photographers of the project and spread the event in their installations.
  • 7 heaven Divers: They worked in an incredible way in broadcasting, coordination and action issues, being them the ones who provided more divers to the cleaning and pulling out most of the trash. A definition of professional team.
  • H20 Dive Center: Provided some of the divers with everything they need for this activity.
  • Poseidon Divers: They managed diving gear to some of the divers.
  • Dahab Freedivers: Some of their coaches collaborated in the cleaning.

Likewise, I want to make a special mention of Restaurante Nirvana for their broadcasting of the project and their selflessness, providing their terrace by the beach and their HQ throughout the event as well. Thank you very much.

To all of them: THANK YOU VERY MUCH, without your help, the event would not have been possible.

We also want to give some special thanks to: Quique, Candi and Nanna. Due to their great job as photographers, we can see what we did. Great job!

I also want to mention and give thanks to the people who have helped with the organization, coordination and documentation of the project “Nakawe Change the message”

Alex Lozano Figueras


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