We are proud and excited to announce our official collaboration with Shark Encounters Mexico.

  •  Working together our main goal is to generate information that contribute to a better management of shark fisheries in Mexican waters and to a better understanding of the species. Even so, one of the most important things for us is to transmit our passion and admiration for this animals, and what a better way of doing this, than involving local people, students and tourists in our research expeditions.
  • The main activities of the program is to make surveys, census, shark tagging, taking biopsys and take photo ID to the different species of sharks we found in our expeditions to the open ocean.
  • So if you are an entusiast photographer, adventurer or you are just curious of swimming face to face with sharks in the deep blue while you contribute to our research and take actively part on it, come and join us in one of our expeditions



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