Through conferences, events, documentaries and school activities, we carry our message of conservation to children and and adults.

Nakawe is a nonprofit organization founded by Regina Domingo, which aims to educate and to raise awareness, especially on children, about how important it is to care, to respect our planet and it’s conservation

12036990_10153394338535668_92680026508096472_nREGINA DOMINGO

Founder and executive director of Nakawe Project, an ocean advocacy and research  Non-governmental Organization.

Conservationist, environmentalist, cinematographer and active campaigner.Dive Instructor; Filmmaker; Sailing crew; Fixer / Filming Coordinator.

Regi is a Spanish photojournalist now based in MexicoBaja California, who focuses on global environmental and conservation issues. Presently, she is working on the state of the global market for shark products.; documenting illegal fishing, shark finning, and shark fisheries in Latin America.

Regi travels an average 50 days per year, spreading RESPECT & EDUCATION

Speaking about the threats facing sharks, other environmental crises, and her reasons for hope and sending a COEXISTENCE message to everyone.

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