Nakawe Project has teamed up with the Turtle Island Restoration Project to bring the public two incredible opportunities to partake in marine science and conservation efforts. Join us as we present (2) 10-day liveaboard dive research expeditions in Cocos Island, Costa Rica.

Cocos Island National Park is a World Heritage Site. It is home to a large variety of incredible megafauna including many rare species ofturtles, bottlenose dolphins, white tip reef sharks, Galapagos sharks, black tip reef sharks, silky sharks,eagle rays, marbled rays and occasionally manta rays and whale sharks! This dive location is also world famous for some of the largest congregations of hammerhead sharks in the world. Hammerheads can be viewed at close range at “cleaning stations” and close encounters with green sea turtles are also common. The trip includes 3-dives a day and countless opportunities for encounters and photo opportunities with all of these beautiful marine animals. Volunteers will work alongside scientists and participate in such activities as catching and tagging sea turtles, tagging sharks, taking underwater photos to contribute to the tracking of hammerhead sharks, and assistance in the recovery and re-deployment of underwater acoustic receivers for tracking of sharks and turtles. All research will contribute to the conservation of these species and protection for Cocos Island National Park.


Participants planning to dive must be experienced, with PADI or NAUI membership, and insured by DAN. Nitrox will also be available to certified nitrox divers. The expedition will be supported by reputable and well-known dive company Undersea Hunter S.A. which have been running expeditions to Cocos Islandsince 1990. Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to contribute to scientific research and conservation efforts.

For more information, contact Sarah Millus at or call 1-800- 859-7283 to register or learn more!




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