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While a lot of our work focuses on shark conservation, the oceans are also under incredible threat from humans in another way that can no longer be ignored. The challenge our oceans’ face with respect to pollution, particularly plastics, is enormous. The vastenss of the problem can be so discouraging to people, especially when they see pictures of the destruction our garbage has done to the marine system. We often hear – how can we we even begin to address this issue, considering there are huge patches of garbage floating in many marine areas now? Well, we recognize the immensity of the ocean pollution problem and know we have a lot of work in front of us. But at Nakawe, we aim to not just spread a message of doom and gloom – we want people motivated to make a change!

The Clean Ocean project displays these innovative and motivated ideas that we feel are often lacking in conservation efforts. The fact that it was founded by Aidan, at such a young age (14 years old), is inspiring. We believe that a collaboration would be beneficial to both of us, as I feel both of us want to get the most people as possible involved in ocean conservation – the work shouldn’t be limited to scientists or formal clean-up crews – everyone can pitch in to help. That is really the only way to see change in our lifetime.

For this reason, we decided to team up with Clean Ocean App to help reach their goal of reducing plastic and marine litter, creating a community of beach cleaners helping to save some of the 100,000 animals killed each year by plastic and before it eventually starts killing us.

To use in schools, universities and communities, anywhere in the world! Contribute with your skills and build a clean world with us,  We can’t do this alone. We need you. We are looking for passionate, dedicated creative & dynamic individuals from all over the world. We are looking for, JOURNALISTS, DESIGNERS, WRITERS,  AND SOCIAL MEDIA EXPERTS. We invite every human, teacher, professor, youth leader and social activist to join this initiative & share this project.

Let’s bring collective action for this cause to the next level. If you are any from the above, and have time to invest -into helping saving the oceans then contact use the email subject #CleanOceanNakaweWarriors! (Volunteers who complete 3 months of volunteering will receive a #NakaweVolunteerCertificate signed by our team!)

For more info plea se visit @cleanoceanapp




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