Ways of Working

We want to take care of our planet

We aim to spread the word about localized environmental problems, act over those damaged places and educate people about how to take care of the earth. We want to inform society so they can act against threats the Planet suffers, to avoid an irreversible and vital loss.

Shark Finning


The majority of marine life has now disappeared due to overfishing, human development and pollution. This sad fact is a world wide problem. We promote social awareness based upon the importance of respecting the environment we live in.

shark save


Directly in the field contributing with solutions for damaged places, by monitoring its condition and studying how to curb the impacts detected, by providing first aid resources on an immediate and direct way.

Educate and Solutions


We EDUCATE and raise social awareness, especially on new generations, about the importance of maintaining harmony between the natural environment and Humanity. Knowing the problem is the first step to solve it.



We aim to do RESEARCH on very specific ecosystems and marine species of sharks, marine mammals and other pelagic fauna. This requires equipment and logistics (marking individuals, transmitters, trackers, etc.). Many NGOs apply to subsidies for the development of their projects.


Nakawe is a nonprofit organization founded by Regina Domingo, which aims to educate and to raise awareness, especially on children, about how important it is to care, to respect our planet and it’s conservation.

You can help Nakawe by being a Nakawe Member or Making a Donation. While helping us, you will have several benefits with our partners and sponsors around the world.

stop shark finning

Shark Finning Combat

Shark finning is a global problem. Most shark fins are consumed in China and the Far East, but the supply comes from the seafood industry in many other countries.. While the shark fin trade is banned in a certain places and some countries have laws that control shark finning, we are still far to reach our goal of a worldwide ban on shark finning.

The meaning of the word “Nakawe” comes from the wixarika indigenous culture, in america. Nakawe is the Huichol Goddess of the earth. She is the mother of all of the other Gods and of all plant and animal life on the earth.


Nakawe is a nonprofit organization founded by Regina Domingo, which aims to educate and to raise awareness, especially on children, about how important it is to care, to respect our planet and it’s conservation.

Nakawe has an important emergency project for the conservation of marine sanctuaries. This project is focused specifically to protect sharks and all marine species in Cocos Island.

Cocos Island is located in the Pacific Ocean, about 330 miles from the southwest of Cabo Blanco in Costa Rica and has an area of 14 square miles of dry land, but they marine environment it support is far more vast. It’s a Marine Protected Area, designated by UNESCO as a Natural World Heritage and designated by Ramsar Convention as a Wetland of International Importance; among other designations.


This project aims to raise awareness to the serious situation caused by illegal fishing activities in this marine sanctuary: the park rangers on the island and volunteers are constantly finding fishing lines and hooks within the Protected Area around Cocos Island. This reflects in a huge quantity of tunas and sharks illegally captured and, by extension, an irreplaceable loss in the form of bycatch.

Nakawe aims to expose this problem, as well as other urgent global issues, and from the increased awareness expects to achieve an improvement in the protection for these areas.

Nakawe, was born to implement projects aimed at mitigating problems with global impact. An important way to achieve our goals is to increase social awareness for the problems in hand . Any proposal or contribution to Nakawe, that covers an area or field, will be valued and studied by the organization.

Nakawe aims to lead projects destined to mitigate environmental problems of national and international scope, throughout direct interventions in the field and throughout social programs based on education and research, and also by increasing society’s awareness. Through collaboration with diving centers, other NGO’s, projects and vessels around the world.

NAKAWE IS A NON-PROFIT AND PROACTIVE ENTITY, FOUNDED IN 2014 IN BARCELONA, formed by a small group of professionals from different sectors committed to the environment and humanity, with a shared passion; the ocean, our first mission is to help save the world’s dwindling shark populations.

As a non-profit organization, our objective is to collaborate with governmental and non-governmental institutions, with the diving industry, industrial fisheries, recreational anglers and, of course, with all shark lovers worldwide.


Spread the world about emergency conservation issues. Nakawe aims to create programs based on increasing society’s awareness.


Conservation education awareness programs supported by design and production of audio-     visual content.


Cooperate with unprotected Heritages Sites and damage places to provide them solutions       and resources.