Minister for the Environment admitted that neither shark fishing nor shark finning are sanctioned in the country

11th July 2015

The Public Force of Costa Rica seized 158kg of fins from different species of sharks, on Saturday morning on the road to Puerto Cruz in Miramar.

A car transported fins in a cooler, without any fishing permits.

158kg of shark fins seized in Miramar.

The driver was taken to the Police office in Puntarenas

The fins were discovered in a road control, put in place by the officer due to the movement of tourists in the mid-year holidays.

As the Regional sub-director of the Public Force in Puntarenas explains: “We noticed a pick-up truck with an cooler in the boot and we asked the driver to show us what was in it.”

As they discovered the fins, they requested to see the required permits for the extraction and transport of the product but the driver did not have them.

The Sub-director explains: “It is possible to have permits depending on the species of sharks but as of this moment we haven’t been able to determine which species they are.”

The man, whose identity has not been revealed, was taken to the police office in Puntarenas to determine his legal situation.

The Minister for Environment and Energy, Edgar Gutierrez, declared a few weeks ago that neither shark fishing nor shark finning are sanctioned in Costa Rica, even though shark finning is illegal.

In his speech at the Legislative Assembly, Mr Gutierrez said: “Shark fishing is not illegal in Costa Rica. Shark finning is illegal in Central America, the regulations in Central America ban shark finning and force the use of the whole animal, but there’s no sanction for that either.”

When asked, the Institute of Fishing and Aquaculture (INCOPESCA) denied the indiscriminate killing and finning of hammerhead sharks.

From : Josué Alvarado |

Translation by : Alexia Pino ( Nakawe Project)

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